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I’ve received an Address Verification error, what do I do?

July 28th 2016

If you’ve received an error message when attempting to complete the registration process which states “We could not verify your Address/Zip Code. Please re-check your information and try again” AND you have tried entering your Billing Address exactly as it is displayed on your credit card statement, please try one of the following workarounds:

— If your Billing Address uses a PO Box, please try entering your address as follows:

P . O . Box 123

Please note and include the spaces between the letters and punctuation marks.

— If your Billing Address contains an Apartment/Suite Number, please try combining the Street Number and Apartment/Suite Number. For example: “12 Apple Street Apt 3C” should be entered as “123 C Apple Street”

If you are still having difficulties, please contact the David Nail Support Team.

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